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W1CDG Gateway/Repeater Status & LastHeard

W1CDG G ircddbgateway detail

W1CDG C simplex HOTSPOT (144.300) detail (any config could be running)

Raspberry Pi with Raspian detail

Raspberry Pi with PIDORA20 detail

Hummingboard(i4pro) with FEDORA20 detail

ODROID-U3 with FEDORA20 detail

STARnet Nodes
STN345 C
STN345 C
STN345 T

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W1FJM D-STAR Gateway Dashboard Search page

Connecticut D-STAR Group

W1FJM Webpage

In Honor of Jim's memory and hard work I have place his webpage on mine
to preserve his information as of 12/9/2013

Jim's last D-STAR transmissions (Jim went SK in the early morning of 12/10/2013)

N1JMM Webpage
(detailed info for Digital Radio, Raspberry PI, LINUX, etc)

East Hartford, Connecticut. 06108 USA
Lat: 41.7903
Lon: -72.6129

updated: 2014-12-28